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Visit the websites of the England, Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland Basketball Associations to locate your local club.

Basketball: What is it?

a competition in which the two sides aim to toss the ball into the net of their rival in order to score the most points.
Except for the player holding the ball, who can only move when bouncing or “dribbling” the ball, players are free to roam around the court.
You only need a ball and a hoop to begin started, and comfortable clothing and sneakers will suffice in place of any extra equipment.
Is it intended for me?

Basketball players can burn up to 600 calories in an hour playing this fast-paced, exciting sport that builds stamina.
The combination of dribbling, passing, and shooting in the sport enhances coordination and balance.
There are clubs all around the nation, and joining one is a terrific opportunity to make new friends, practice cooperation and communication, and take advantage of the various social activities that the clubs host off the court.
Wheelchair basketball is just as fun and fast-paced as regular basketball, but it accepts players with a variety of disabilities. Playing wheelchair basketball is a fantastic method to increase confidence and upper body strength.

In the UK, wheelchair basketball is offered by British Wheelchair Basketball.

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