Unbelievable: Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes asked to quit playing after…

Patrick Mahomes is told to quit playing basketball by the Chiefs after an incredible highlight goes viral.

The fact that Patrick Mahomes was named the NFL MVP this season probably convinced you that he is a fantastic athlete.

Patrick Mahomes inches closer to Tom Brady as greatest QB ever | Ed Graney  | Sports | Sports Columns

Still, this week saw the provision of some further evidence, which in the shape of a basketball clip. In that moment, Mahomes was playing in a pickup game when he displayed some excellent ball handling abilities. He then sliced by a few of opponents and made a flawless move to the basket. Indeed, he also completed.

Quite amazing, isn’t that right? Just seeing how far that athleticism goes is enough to make you want to see more of Mahomes on the basketball court.

Unfortunately, the Chiefs have quickly and decisively ended Mahomes’ basketball career, so it doesn’t seem likely that we’ll see many more of these moments.

Although Mahomes and basketball fans alike were undoubtedly disappointed by the news, it makes perfect sense that the Chiefs wouldn’t want him to play in games against other teams. They might lose their franchise quarterback (and, once more, league MVP) to a catastrophic knee injury or something similar with just one bad event. As a Kansas City fan, you have to defend your interests, and right now, Patrick Mahomes is your strongest asset.

At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself which is more significant: watching Mahomes play pickup football at his neighborhood gym or seeing him every Sunday throughout football season. It seems like a simple enough answer.

However, it’s unfortunate that Mahomes can’t keep flexing on these insignificant people.

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