Breaking news:Jahmai Mashack said about Vols’ SEC Tournament loss…

Everything No. 1 seed Zakai Zeigler and Jahmai Mashack stated on the Vols’ SEC Tournament defeat Mississippi State.

humiliated Tennessee basketball on Friday in the SEC Tournament.

Here’s what guards Jahmai Mashack and Zakai Zeigler had to say about the Vols’ defeat.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Mississippi State defeated No. 1 seed Tennessee basketball on Friday afternoon in the SEC Tournament quarterfinals at Bridgestone Arena, 73-56.

Mississippi State dominated the first half, 38-19, to establish the tone for the game. They then outscored Tennessee 40-14 in the paint.

The Bulldogs made all four of their dunk attempts and finished 14 of 19 layup attempts.

UT made only four of twelve layup attempts and failed to score a basket.

Tolu Smith, a forward on the All-SEC First Team, managed to score just five points on two shots for the Bulldogs.

Cameron Matthews and Josh Hubbard led the team in scoring, combining for 16 points on 11 of 19 shots.

Dashawn Davis scored seven points, DJ Jeffries scored seven, and Jimmy Bell scored eight.

Mashack: Unquestionably not. We will definitely have that rectified, no matter what we were doing. I believe we’ve demonstrated as a team our resiliency throughout this entire process. I believe that these kinds of games only make us more resilient. But rest assured that we will return and examine everything that needs to be examined. We will assess our individual and collective responsibilities and avoid repeating the mistakes we made today.

Starting with the players that participated in that event, me and Zakai, we are the seniors. Beyond that point, there are no more chances. We’re going to fix whatever has to be fixed. We intend to

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