Breaking: Toronto maple leafs Team Under the Bus in Heated Rant

When all is said and done in less than a month, the Toronto Maple Leafs are almost certain to make the Stanley.

Cup Playoffs for the eighth straight season, with MoneyPuck giving them a 99.99% probability of securing a postseason spot.

Although the Leafs have not advanced past the second round under head coach Sheldon Keefe, this will mark the fifth time in four years (and a half, since he was appointed mid-season in 2020) that Keefe has taken the team to such great heights.

And based on their depressing 6-3 loss to the lowly New Jersey Devils on Tuesday, it appears like they may not be able to overcome the adversity and get to the postseason this year.

I felt that it was immature coming from our leaders, who are the most seasoned players.

Far from stopping there, Keefe continued to criticize the Maple Leafs’ “experienced players” and “leaders” in addition to the squad as a whole.

He made it rather obvious who he was referring to by naming names and pointing fingers at a select celebrities.

For a very long time, John Tavares has been an excellent role model for us, according to Keefe. “He became very enthusiastic tonight. Since he is our captain, if that is the case, the other players on our bench will have to make it up as they go.

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