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J.D. Steele: Using music to share happiness and souls
Listen to J.D.

Steele on MPR News with Angela Davis: Music is a way to share happiness and soul.
J.D. Steele is at Bridge of Song performing.

In 2016, J.D. Steele leads a community sing-along in Minneapolis known as “Bridge of Song.”
MPR News’s Steven Cohen | 2016 Share
It’s not as if J.D.

Steele strolls onto a stage. Abruptly taking the mic, he is all fire and prepared to go into song. In the Minnesota gospel group The Steeles, Steele is the eldest sibling.

And for forty years, he has been creating music in Minnesota and sharing soul and happiness.

Following the 1988 Broadway premiere of “The Gospel at Colonus,” Steele embarked on a tour alongside actor Morgan Freeman. He worked with Prince in the nineties.

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