So Sad: Due to the mauch, Tampa Bay Buccaneer coach and player agreed.

The Buccaneers’ season is gone, so pack it away.

It’s time to acknowledge the hard truth.
New Orleans Saints vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers; image courtesy of Perry Knotts/Getty Images.

The Buccaneers’ record dropped to 3-5 after a 39-37 loss to the Houston Texans on Sunday.Although it was their fourth straight loss, the contest held considerably greater significance.

I stand by what I said when I made my game prediction.

For the Buccaneers of 2023–24, this season is over.

Yes, I am aware that there is still a lot of room for division.

Not important. Once you insert a fork into them, they are done.

Really, I wish I could write something different, but if they aren’t able to win a game of baseball like the one in Houston,

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