Matt LaFleur: Trust in Josh Jacobs to Replace Aaron Jones no…

The Green Bay Packers’ deft actions during the frenzy of recent NFL free agency moves have.

drawn a lot of attention. The signing of Josh Jacobs and the dismissal of Aaron Jones signaled a dramatic change in the dynamic inside the organization.

December 6, 2020, in Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA: In the fourth quarter at Lambeau Field, Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones (33), a defensive back for the Philadelphia Eagles, stiff arms Michael Jacquet (38). USA TODAY Sports’ Jeff Hanisch
NFL’s Running Back Free-Agent Market
The Green Bay Packers were in the center of the NFL’s legal tampering period, which got underway with a bang. They weren’t considered to be big contenders in the running back market at first, but they created waves when they signed Josh Jacobs, which is a big move that sets the tone going forward.

The Packers decided to go to Jacobs because he had less injury issues than Jones had, and because of his strong 2022 campaign, in which he led the NFL in running yards (1,653) and scored 12 touchdowns in 17 games, demonstrating his consistency and endurance. Jacobs’ poor season in 2023 was caused by the four games he missed due to a quad injury, but he have the skills to bounce back this year.

Although the Packers’ offense doesn’t take off once Jacobs joins the team, he does bring something intriguing to the mix. Even while the receiving corps obviously needs more playmakers, Jacobs’ presence offers a solid base for a more effective offensive combination. As the Packers continue to develop quarterback Jordan Love and strive for a well-rounded offensive force, his success with the team will be critical.

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