So Sad:coach of Tampa Bay Buccaneer as announce the death of they key player Derrick Brooks….

NFC South free agent maneuvers that Bucs supporters will find amusing
“Ha ha!” as Nelson Muntz may say.

7:00 AM EDT | By Leigh Oleszczak.

Apart from bringing back their own players, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers haven’t done much, but at least they haven’t done some of the stupid things that the other teams in their division have done.

The Bucs should be relieved that they haven’t mishandled free agency like their division rivals, having avoided overpaying an aging, wounded quarterback who has only won one postseason game, bringing in other unqualified quarterbacks, and making poor trades.

Here are three plays that the rest of the NFC South made that made Bucs supporters chuckle.

Kirk Cousins signs a four-year, $180 million contract with the Falcons.

The belief that the Atlanta Falcons are “a quarterback away” from winning led to the team’s decision to sign 35-year-old Kirk Cousins to an enormous $180 million, four-year contract. Before the season even starts, Cousins will turn 36. He also recently recovered from an achilles injury, which is difficult to recover from, even for a young athlete.

When you consider that Cousins has only ever won one postseason game in his long NFL career, the Falcons will probably always regret this acquisition. The amount of money Atlanta paid him and the likelihood that the Bucs will receive a heavy fine when Cousins revealed that the two parties had previously communicated have Bucs fans laughing.

Brian Burns traded by the Panthers for peanuts
In exchange for Brian Burns, the Los Angeles Rams offered the Carolina Panthers two first-round selections in 2022. The Panthers declined. In the present, Burns was traded by the Panthers to the New York Giants in exchange for a second and fifth-round selection. And that’s it.

ESPN’s Matt Miller awarded the Panthers a failing grade, and with good reason. Burns might have been acquired by the Panthers for considerably less than two first-round picks. This must be annoying for Panthers supporters, but it’s amusing for Bucs supporters.

Nathan Peterman joins Saints to fight for backup quarterback position

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