Chiefs report: Patrick Mahomes has clarified tha…

‘More Dialed in Than Usual’: Patrick Mahomes of the Chiefs ahead of Super Bowl .

In three games, Patrick Mahomes has thrown for 718 yards, four touchdowns, and no interceptions while rushing for 75 yards, leading his Kansas City Chiefs back to the Super Bowl.

Mahomes has had an outstanding playoffs.

And yet, with a game against the San Francisco 49ers approaching, the quarterback is apparently even more laser-focused than he has been up to this point:

The Chiefs defense, which may be their greatest under Mahomes, is the counterargument to all of that. But once Mahomes got Kansas City off to a quick start, their defense focused mostly on playing with the lead against the Dolphins and Ravens.

He’s beginning to take on an aura reminiscent of Tom Brady’s during his playing days. Even though the New England Patriots weren’t always the best team in the NFL during Brady’s career, they managed to win six championships and always seemed to be in the running for the top spot.

Mahomes is beginning to seem equally inevitable.

Regardless of what the defense throws at him, he nearly always has a solution, and he can.

He is possibly the most gifted quarterback in NFL history when it comes to raw talent.

And as his career has advanced, he has consistently improved and proven his capacity to step up in big moments.

The 49ers have the most talented group in the NFL, so they are definitely a formidable opponent.

However, quarterback performance generally determines Super Bowl outcomes, and no one will bet on Brock Purdy to outperform Mahomes.

particularly if he is as confined as rumors indicate.

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