Breaking: The New York Yankees coach claims he is not capable of doing something because he misunderstands Cyriel Desser.

Written by NJ Advance Media’s Bridget Hyland for

When the seasoned southpaw signed a deal with the Diamondbacks on Tuesday, Jordan Montgomery’s protracted free agency finally came to a close..

Was he really going to return to the Bronx, though?

Before Montgomery agreed to the one-year, $25 million contract with Arizona, he was the best starting option still available.

And the Yankees were reportedly interested in bringing back Scott Boras, while MLB fans waited for him to finalize a deal.

The Yankees were interested in their former starter, but Jim Bowden of The Athletic claims that “their offers required heavy deferrals of 15-20+ years which would have made AAV much less than Diamondbacks offer.”

Since the Yankees’ payroll now exceeds the $297 million upper luxury tax tier, Montgomery’s compensation would be subject to a 110% tax. Deferrals would reduce the luxury tax liability on the deal.

Montgomery is the most recent Boras client to insist on a deal that turned out to be far less than anticipated.

Among them are Matt Chapman (Giants, $54 million over three years) and Blake Snell (Giants, $62 million over two years with an opt out). J.D.

Martinez was also signed by the Mets to a one-year, $12 million contract.

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