So sad :Cowboys break Cut Michael Gall. up AND Brandin Cooks, Suggests

INDIANAPOLIS: For the 2024 season, the Cowboys are deciding on a few things related to their quarterback room.

The team will commit an NFL-high $67.6 million in salary cap space to the position at the current rate.

At the moment, Dak Prescott, the starter, is using $59.4 million of that total. Trey Lance, the third quarterback, is likely to stay in the starting lineup for the 2024 season, but the team is still close to deciding whether to lower Prescott’s cap number.

The Dallas Morning News was informed by a person with knowledge of the matter that Lance’s $4.25 million roster bonus will be paid to the Cowboys. The incentive is due five days after training camp begins in July.

Lance’s total pay for the 2024 season would rise to $5.31 million as a result.

Officials from the team did not think of cutting Lance because they think he made great progress the previous season.

However, a person familiar with the issue informed The News that the team will not pick up Lance’s fifth-year option for the 2025 season, which increases to $22.4 million.

The Cowboys will have to decide on that within five days of the NFL draft in April.

A person familiar with the decision says that the team will decline the fifth-year option because of the impending contract.

Prescott’s extension, as well as additional funding contributed to the 2025 salary ceiling with anticipated agreements for rush end Micah Parsons and receiver CeeDee Lamb.

In an audacious trade with the 49ers in August, the Cowboys acquired Lance in exchange for the former No.

3 overall pick in the 2021 draft, which came with a fourth-round pick.

Three quarterbacks on the roster is coach Mike McCarthy’s goal, with the No. 3 ideally playing a developmental role. Despite not being able to pass Cooper Rush, who was ranked .

second on the depth chart, Lance was praised by teammates and coaches for his efforts during practice.

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Rush signed a two-year, $5 million contract last season, which is now entering its final year.

In 2022, he established himself as a solid player by leading the Cowboys to a 4-1 record when Prescott was sidelined due to a fractured thumb.

Rush filled in as a mop-up for Prescott in seven games during the previous campaign.

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