Breaking :playing victim when he’s the one causing problems’

Jos Verstappen drops a bombshell, demanding that Christian Horner QUIT Red Bull.

Both Christian Horner and Jos Verstappen.

Christian Horner, in Jos Verstappen’s opinion, is portraying the “victim”
Red Bull’s triple World Champion Max Verstappen’s father, Jos Verstappen, has taken aim at Christian Horner, accusing him of being the “one causing the problems” rather than the “victim.”

He feels that as long as Horner is the team principal, Red Bull is in “danger of being torn apart.”

“He is the one creating the problems, but he is acting like the victim.”
Red Bull has had a challenging week off the track, despite Verstappen’s decisive victory in the Bahrain Grand Prix on Saturday night to start his title defense.

One day following Horner’s clearance.

Verstappen, the current World Champion and winner of the Bahrain Grand Prix, has openly praised Horner as a “fantastic” team leader.

After finishing first in qualifying on Friday, he made the following statement: “Listen, when I look at how Christian operates within the team, he has been an incredible team boss.”

Consequently, you can’t even contest that in terms of performance. That’s what I’m coping with as well.

“I talk a lot to Christian. He is obviously totally dedicated to the squad for this entire weekend.

Of course, he’s here for the show as well. most likely a little preoccupied.

However, as I’ve already stated, we only pay attention to the performance aspect of things. And it’s how all of us collaborate.”

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