nottingham forest captain Joe Worall asked to quit playing after…

Joe Worrall, the captain of the squad, and Scott McKenna, who is anticipated to depart the Nottingham Forest in the January transfer window, are excluded from first team training.

Joe Worrall, the club captain, and Scott McKenna have been excluded from first team training at Nottingham Forest.

It has been instructed for both players to train on different fields and at different times than their teammates.

Although the club has not provided an official explanation, rumors suggest that their dismissal has nothing to do with any conflicts or behavioral problems.

It is known that both are free to depart when the transfer window opens the following month. Cooper’s key players in Forest’s 2021–22 Championship promotion campaign were McKenna and Worrall, who joined the team 12 years earlier at the age of 14. McKenna also made many appearances in the Premier League during the previous season.

Nevertheless, McKenna has made five Premier League games this season compared to Worrall’s meager six.

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