Sad news from coach:I am sorry…

Kirby Smart made a few other hires that should help with the Class 0f 2025 in-state wide receiver class, in addition to James Coley.

Georgia is bringing in a lot of Peach State wide receivers this year. The switch from Bryan McClendon to Coley may have had an impact on certain things because prospects like Travis Smith Jr., CJ Wiley, Thomas Blackshear, Sam Turner, Gerritt Kemp, Jamauri Brice, and many more have great regard for Georgia.

However, Smart made a wise choice when he appointed Josh Crawford, a former Georgia Tech receivers coach, to the position of running backs coach.

Even with the change of positions, those wide receiver targets paid attention.

“With the hire of Coach Crawford at Georgia, now that’s he’s the running backs coach, that’s a huge plus for them,” Smith Jr. stated.

“A big part of the reason Georgia Tech made it into my top 8 was Coach Crawford.”

The fact that he was hired is undoubtedly a huge plus for them.”

He’s a really kind guy, really.

I love his family. When you’re talking to him, he keeps bringing that up.

Speaking with him, you can sense that energy “Said Smith Jr.

“As a coach, he provides support to his players while also holding them accountable.

I have athletes at Georgia Tech that tell me the truth about Coach Crawford. He doesn’t ever alter.

He is consistently the same. Without a doubt, Coach Crawford is a wonderful person.

Smith Jr. made a special effort to mention Crawford and the value he provides to Athens.

CJ Wiley, a top wide receiver target, followed suit. The two were acquainted since Crawford’s days at Georgia Tech. Similarly, Wiley was in frequent communication with Coley while

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