Breaking news: To be complimented, Trent Grisham is a nine-hole hitter.

Over the past month or two, worries about laundry, dishes, dinner plans, and who will bat first for the Yankees in 2024 have shaped my everyday existence.

Who will bat ahead of Aaron Judge and Juan Soto is still a mystery.

decision, but his foot has a “fairly significant” bone damage. After a solid 2023, Gleyber Torres is another good possibility, despite his tendency to make base-running errors. Though it’s unclear if Anthony Volpe is ready to be the Yankees’ table-setter in 2024, he should be able to build on his first season in the majors. Ever since Estevão posted this article in December, the question has essentially remained the same.

Who will bat last has gone unspoken amidst all the discussion and anxiety about who gets to bat first.

The division between traditional baseball common sense and analytics is most pronounced when it comes to batting order And.

It’s common knowledge that you should bat your top batters first and your

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