Breaking:vol key player is living because of…

According to the 247Sports Team Talent Composite, which is the best tool available for evaluating the caliber of rosters in this sport with constantly

shifting rosters, Tennessee was ranked No. 16 going into the 2023 season.

It’s a strong estimate based on current circumstances, but it will be higher in 2024, roughly where a team hoping to participate in the 12-team College Football Playoff should be.

This is a team that should see more significant additions than subtractions in the upcoming transfer portal windows.

During a press conference on Wednesday, known as “national signing day,” Josh Heupel informed media that the Vols added numerous significant players following the season.

According to 247Sports, Tulane freshman receiver Doneiko Slaughter, a highly sought-after 6-5 player, committed to transfer to Tennessee one day after Heupel made that remark.

After the 8-4 regular season concluded, Heupel’s luck hasn’t been all that great because he signed with some significant high school prospects and because at least two players who would have started for Tennessee’s defense the following season will instead start for two other SEC schools.

Oklahoma safety Tamarion McDonald, Oklahoma edge rusher Tyler Baron, and Arkansas cornerback Doneiko Slaughter are intriguing illustrations of the range of scenarios that college coaches face in the modern day.

While they might not be the best players in a given location or be considered top picks in the NFL, some players can still gain value by registering on the portal and attracting the interest of coaches who manage weaker teams. It is comparable to NFL free agents. A lot of people get paid too much.

And well done to them. Well, excellent for Lane Kiffin; for once, his relentless mockery of his former Knoxville employer has merit.

Not good for Tennessee, especially in the instances of Baron and Slaughter, despite the propaganda emanating from Knoxville

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