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Unexpected: Mo Clipper Accesses the Transfer Portal
Mo Clipper, an offensive .

lineman with the Tennessee Volunteers, has registered on the NCAA Transfer Portal.

Evan Crowell
1 December 2023, 3:59 PM EST
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Volunteers in Tennessee
Volunteers in Tennessee
Football in Tennessee is almost done with the offseason. After finishing the regular season, the Vols are concentrating on building their roster for the 2023 campaign.

With all of the most recent NFL Draft announcements and portal entries, Volunteer Country has the fans covered.

The portal window is open from January 2 to December 4. Players will have to wait until May after spring practice to access the transfer portal if they do not transfer within that time.

2022 signing of a three-star offensive lineman Mo Clipper, who spent two seasons with the Vols, has formally entered the transfer portal. Clipper showed up.

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