Breaking: Vol supporters are eager for Tennessee to play Iowa in the Citrus Bowl.

WATE: KNOXVILLE, TENN. It’s the official college football bowl image. The Vols will travel to Florida to play Iowa in the Cheez-It Citrus Bowl.

The Vols’ last Citrus Bowl appearance was in more than 20 years ago, when they defeated Michigan 45-17. Eight years have passed since the Big Orange defeated Iowa in the 2015 Gator Bowl. The Vols prevailed, winning 45–28.

Hunter Doerfler, a Vols supporter, remarked, “It would be amazing to see that again.” “Being from Knoxville, I grew up watching that game, and I’d love to see it again because I think highly of the Vols.”

Many predicted that Tennessee would win the bowl before the results were announced.

It seemed quite cool to me. Vols supporter Michael Cosentino stated, “I heard a lot of rumors that we were going to the Gator Bowl.

” “It’s said to be because LSU refused to return to Orlando. At the very least, I’d prefer a better bowl game that benefits us somewhat.”

The Vols’ season has been uneventful and has fallen short of fans’ expectations.

According to Cosentino, “I believe they fulfilled real expectations, but they let the Tennessee fans down.” “With the SEC schedule and the players we lost, we had pretty high expectations for our team. We still believe that 8–9 wins is a good season.” We barely won three games, especially since it was my freshman year. I’ll accept the five-win bonus with pleasure.

By The Numbers: The lengthy record of Tennessee in Florida bowl games
Fans like Hunter Doerfler like watching the seniors return to play one last game for the Orange and White in an era when many choose to forego bowl games and declare for the draft.

Players returning is really important. It demonstrates their desire for our team to be

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