Cincinnati Bengals fans for life buy a player for $350 and…

The Cincinnati Bengals are eager to move on from their underwhelming 2023 campaign as the 2024 NFL Draft draws.

near. With a 9-8 record in the regular season, they finished third in the AFC North and were not eligible for the postseason.

They do, however, have a young, skilled roster and a highly promising incoming draft class.

The Bengals are therefore in a strong position to advance significantly in 2024. This article highlights three undervalued prospects—Brandon Dorlus, Dominick Puni, and Jacob Cowing—that Cincinnati may consider drafting.

The Bengals faced many difficulties in the previous season. It was tarnished by a patchy beginning and serious injuries. The most important event occurred against Baltimore in Week 11.

At that point, Joe Burrow’s throwing hand suffered a serious injury. Burrow’s season was cut short despite a brief flash of brilliance with a touchdown pass after the injury. Jake Browning, the backup, took his position.

But Cincy was not able to get it into the playoffs despite his best efforts. As a result, they placed last in their division.

Following back-to-back postseason appearances in 2021 and 2022, the Bengals were not included in the postseason.


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