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The Detroit Lions have won games in 2023 in a number of methods.

In certain games, such as those versus Green Bay and Las Vegas, the defense has been dominant.

Others, such as Tampa Bay, took the lead thanks to the passing game. When playing the Panthers and Raiders, the running game was excellent.

And the offense, both passing and rushing, came together to help the defense bounce back from a disappointing performance in Los Angeles.

All things considered, the Lions have demonstrated that they can play effectively against practically anybody and that, even in the event that one member of the team suffers, they have enough talent and depth in the rest of the roster to overcome most challenges.

The Lions are still moving up the national power rankings, and observers’ attitudes are beginning to reflect this knowledge.

In fact, the Lions are firmly ranked in the top five by nine of the 11 rankers we follow, and more than half of them think they are the third-best NFL team.

To explore the rationale behind the Lions’ placements on each ranker’s list, let’s examine this week’s national power rankings in more detail.

We had all the jokes about biting our kneecaps.

Dan Campbell’s blustery first news conference caused many to write him off, but in his last 19 games, he’s 15-4.

Against the Chargers on Sunday, the Lions went for it five times on fourth down and were successful four times.

Those conversions included an early fourth-and-five that resulted in a run play and a fourth-and-2 with 1:47 remaining in the game that ended in a tie.

Detroit was able to run out the clock and kick the game-winning kick as time ran out thanks to their conversion on the final one.

Quarterback Jared Goff remarked following the game, “He’s got big — let’s say confidence.

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