Breaking: Billy Napier enlarges the Florida football team’s wide receiver roster.gatormade..

Gators Online reports that former Florida wide receiver Stephen Alli has returned to Gainesville to assist with Billy Napier’s football program.

Alli is the new Director of Professional Development at GatorMade, a program that, in accordance with program directives, develops Gators beyond the football field and equips them with the skills they need to succeed in life.

Alli is well-versed in achieving success outside football.

During his playing days, he had seven operations, which limited his career receiving total to only three. Nevertheless, Alli remained in Gainesville to complete his doctorate in mental health counseling because he felt that as a Florida Gator, he had the opportunity to accomplish more.

Former players Brandon Spikes and Miguel Carodine have returned to the program this year, continuing Napier’s tradition of appointing former players to his staff.

Even though Alli will be concentrating on his life off the field, he still plays a crucial role.

The average NFL career lasts just over three years, and the majority of college football players do not go on to play professionally.


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