Breaking: Nebraska Cornhuskers player is Daeth..

Lincoln: Let it rain if it’s going to rain. Let it snow if it does.

Should they pass away…

Those videos with Matt Rhule will be missed. The vehement pregame address. The thunderous kick in the pants at halftime. The postgame hug in the form of a coach body surfing above his players.

Every week or so, one of those videos gets released by NU on social media. It’s a sign that this is 2023, but it’s also a gesture from the coach to open a window to recruits, players’ families and Husker fans.

Lincoln: If it’s going to rain, then let it. If it snows, let it fall.

If they were to die…

We shall miss the vids that Matt Rhule was in. The angry pregame speech. The loud fist in the pants during the half. The hug after the game that comes from a coach who towers over his players.

NU posts one of those films via social media around once a week. In addition to serving as a reminder that it is 2023, the coach is also extending an invitation to prospective players, their families, and Husker supporters.

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